Every child is born with a natural curiosity to learn. The drive to learn is an instinct, but children with learning difficulties lose their natural interest towards learning.  The field of Educational Psychology seeks to bring a balance for students facing difficulties in learning.  It assists teachers to find the equilibrium between individualized learning and delivering a standard curriculum.  It enables parents to bring out an achiever in their child and aid his development.


Our Educational Psychologist works in full coordination with schools and parents to help each student referred to our office. All help and advice we give to students, parents and schools is based on psychological investigations and diagnostic tools, making it very objective and scientific. Our office has a library of most of the standardized assessment tools used internationally for this purpose which enables us to give a high quality service.

Our Services involve the following:


  • Administering psychological assessments and writing diagnostic reports.
  • Identifying every student’s individual needs.
  • Assessing every student’s learning abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Helping parents in understanding their children’s learning needs.
  • Planning strategies for parents and helping them to implement an intervention plan at home.
  • Assisting teachers to design learning programs for students with special learning needs.
  • Recommending therapies and other forms of treatment that might be necessary.


Our Assessments can also be used to:


  • Assist in school admissions. Identify if the school curriculum suits the needs of the student and if the student will be able to cope with it.
  • Request access arrangements (extra time during exams) from Examinations Boards for students with learning difficulties.

The Process we follow:


The student’s parents will come to our office for an initial interview to discuss the background history and the difficulties of the student. If the school permits, an observation may be set up at school to observe the student during a typical day in the classroom setting.

The data is collected by going through the student’s previous academic and medical records and then the student is called in for the assessment. These are a series of tests which can take between one and four hours. The reports are ready within a week of the assessment and will be discussed in detail with the parent and also with school personnel, if required.



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