Al Ahlam Team

Kate(Managing Director)

Kate was born in Northern Ireland but completed her higher studies in England. She arrived in Muscat in 1986 and since then has worked in administration and teaching at National Training Institute, administered scholarships and taught at the British Council, and lectured at Muscat College. Kate established Al Ahlam in 2002 and today still considers her one to one counseling sessions with students the most interesting and rewarding part of her work.


Hi! I’m Annette, the University Placements Officer. My job is to help students find the right University according to the grades they have achieved and the programme of study they are looking for. I help students to prepare strong applications and I make sure they are correctly submitted along with the required supporting documents. I book hostel accommodation, prepare and print out visa applications and make sure the correct supporting documents are also attached. I do everything I can to ensure that my students’ journey to the UK is a hassle-free one! I travel to the UK every year to visit Al Ahlam partner universities. This means I can easily explain to students about life and culture in the UK, as well as what to expect when they get to university. My favourite place is the city of Glasgow, because there are three great universities and the Scottish people are so friendly and welcoming .


Marhaba! My name is Majid and I help students apply to English Language Schools. I advise them on the right school according to their needs. We have big schools, small schools, schools in cities and schools beside the sea – I help you to make up your mind! I also book homestay accommodation with the help of the school Accommodation office. I fill up the visa application form and make sure all the correct documents are attached. Just before they travel, I give my students a very good briefing on how to learn English and what to expect when living with a host family. I like my students to be prepared for everything they will experience when they live and study abroad. I visit the UK or Ireland twice each year and I have seen almost all of our partner schools. Each one is very special and it is very difficult to pick a favourite but I likeAngloContinental in Bournemouth because it is the first school we represented when Al Ahlam was set up in 2002.


Ahlan! I am the Marketing Manager and one of the best parts of my job is helping university representatives to plan their visits to Oman. They want to recruit students and often they are looking for future collaboration with Omani institutions, so I set up meetings with students and institutions, organize school visits, arrange exhibitions and place newspaper and social media adverts. I also make sure that everyone knows about Al Ahlam Higher Education Services! My job takes me out of the office a lot and each day I have a different schedule. It’s a busy job and I’m dealing with people all the time, which I really enjoy! I have visited the UK many times and I majored in English so I enjoy the opportunities I have to really use my language skills at work.


Hala! I am the Receptionist and Student Coordinator so I am the first person you will meet when you come to our office! I register students on our special computer system - SIS ( Student Information System) and I follow up to make sure everything is going smoothly for all the arrangements for your study. This means I have to coordinate with everyone in the Al Ahlam office. A lot of my work is done on the telephone and computer but luckily I enjoy this. Since I started this job my English has improved because so much of my work (like filling up visa application forms) is in English. I have taken a two week English course at Wimbledon School of English near London. I stayed with a lovely host family and it was a great experience for me. So, if you have any questions about learning English in the UK, ask me!