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Our History

Al Ahlam Training Services was established in 2002 by Kate Clarke and was licensed as a Higher Education Services company in 2005. Born and educated in the UK, Kate has over 25 years’ experience in the education field in Oman. She holds a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification and a MSc Global Human Resource Management (Liverpool). She understands the unique needs of students trying to acquire proficiency in English and can identify the major challenges that face students travelling abroad for degree level study. Al Ahlam specializes in UK education but also covers Ireland (where Kate was born).

Kate Clarke

Managing Director

Our institution's

Vision and Mission

Al Ahlam’s vision is to make up to date, accurate information on study in the UK and Ireland accessible, and to offer trustworthy advice and practical support in making the correct decision on course and institution. Each student is treated as an individual and a study plan is devised, taking into account their specific needs and requirements. Career goals are discussed along with any perceived obstacles. Attention to detail and excellent customer service has gained us a reputation for honest appraisal and frank assessment of a student’s potential. At Al Ahlam, our first priority is our students and we aim to offer everyone a suitable option which will enable their true potential to be achieved. We do this through core values which underpin all our dealings with students and other clients.

Our institution's



Each member of our staff has a specialization but when combined, it provides a seamless service to our clients.


Both internally, within our team, and externally, to our students, clients and partner institutions. Regular contact by phone, text and email but if you prefer to meet us face to face, we’re available too!


Not everyone was destined to study at Oxford or Cambridge! Sometimes it is necessary to help a student reassess their goals. We’ll try to do this as compassionately as possible and help you redefine your goals, presenting you with an alternative set of options.


In our interactions with students, clients and our partner institutions, we endeavour to reach the highest possible professional work standards. This calls for mutual respect and a high degree of integrity in business practice.


We feel it is important that everyone understands and accepts their role and their responsibilities, and this includes students too! We’ll make it clear what services we provide, and we’ll let you know what we expect from you.

Kate Clarke

Thank you for your interest in study abroad! I am the Managing Director of Al Ahlam, and I also have a role as Education Advisor. I will be one of the first people you engage with when you contact the company. We will discuss your objectives and then I will map out how you can achieve them. I supervise the team of people who will ensure that you reach the study institution of your choice.


Hi! I’m Lanston, the University Placements Manager. My job is to coordinate with universities, colleges and schools to keep up to date on the huge variety of programmes available and the facilities they offer to international students. I counsel students who have particular difficulties and I search for and find solutions to their problems. I also keep up to date on the latest visa regulations to ensure that our office has a 100% visa success rate. I have visited many towns and cities in the UK to see our partner institutions.


Marhaba! My name is Ahlam and I help students apply to English Language Schools. We represent big schools, small schools, schools in cities and schools beside the sea – I help you to choose the right one! I also book homestay accommodation with the help of the school Accommodation office. I fill up the visa application form and, before they travel, I give my students a very good briefing on how to learn English and what to expect when living with a host family. I like my students to be prepared for everything they will experience when they live and study abroad.


I am a qualified and experienced Educational Psychologist and I liaise with Oman’s private bilingual and community schools to help counsellors and staff manage young people who are facing challenges in learning. I conduct many tests that identify the problems which prevent children from participating fully in school and other activities. I also work with teaching staff to design specialised programmes to enable students to overcome emotional and social issues as well as their learning difficulties.