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Managing Director

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Abhay Singh Aston University

“I would also like to thank Al-Ahlam Higher Education & Training Services for facilitating my admission to Aston University. Their guidance and help was invaluable through the process....”

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Hadeel Alzadjali Masters in UK

“My first step to reaching where I am today was completed with Al-Ahlam education's help! Thank you Kate...”

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Gilmour Mendonca Huddersfield University

“This agency is a wonderful team of talented people who will guide you through your initial phases of beginning your Higher Education in a foreign country........”

Client Photo
Hassan Al Farsi English Language School

“After four years of joining four different English courses in the UK, The only thing we can say is that the experience is actually indescribable...........”

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Mahmood Al Fahdy Plymouth University

“Having consulted Al Ahlam Centre staff and provide them with the necessary information, I found all the support I needed to pursue my higher studies in the UK.......”

Client Photo
Omar Al Farsi English in Chester Language School

“Thanks to Allah first and then your unfailing courtesy, for your sincere work, I learned easily and quickly with a good, noticeable progress in English level......”

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