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education services

Higher Education

Choose from an extensive range of subjects at Bachelors, Masters and PhD level from over 50 universities. Study at a world class research university or take a more vocationally focused programme from a new university. All the Universities we represent are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman.

Study in UK & Ireland

10 reasons to study in UK & Ireland

education services

Learn English in UK & Ireland

Where better to improve your English than in the home of the English language!

The UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland give you a huge choice of high quality schools. Improve your conversation skills, learn vocabulary for your work in Law or Engineering, or if you need to get a higher IELTS score to enter university we can help you achieve your goals much faster!

All the schools we represent are fully accredited and are members of English language teaching organisations like Quality English, English UK/British Council, etc. This guarantees you will have experienced and professional teachers, interesting study programmes, clean and comfortable homestays, and high-quality care both in the school and outside.
You will be warmly welcomed in homestay accommodation. Experience Western culture while you make friends with other students from all around the world, learning new traditions and eating different types of food!
Look forward to exciting weekends joining an excursion organised by your school, or arrange your own trips using public transport which is safe, quick and affordable.

With so many schools to choose from, it’s easy to become confused but Al Ahlam will guide you through the whole process quickly and smoothly. We will place you in the school that is right for you!

Client Photo
Omar Al Farsi English in Chester Language School

“Thanks to Allah first and then your unfailing courtesy, for your sincere work, I learned easily and quickly with a good, noticeable progress in English level......”

education services

Services we offer

Start your journey by booking an appointment for an informal but professional counseling meeting where you can discuss which course you want to study and tell us about your location preferences. We will recommend suitable universities. We will provide information regarding the course content, institution ranking, tuition and living costs, the location and living environment as well as the accommodation options. Our recommendations will be based on matching your academic achievements with the entry requirements for each university. We will also advise you on how to bring your IELTS score to the level required.
We will send you a list of documents needed to support your application. Scan and email them to us. We will provide assistance for completing the application forms for the universities you have chosen.
We will follow up with the universities for a decision and the offer letter. There are two types of offer letters 1) Conditional Offer Letter – where you are required to do something further, eg, provide a higher IELTS score, or provide another reference letter, etc; and 2) Unconditional Offer Letter - where you meet the requirements of the course and are eligible to enter the programme.
After the Unconditional offer letter is issued you can accept the offer by paying a deposit to the university or providing a scholarship letter. We will then follow up with the University to receive the visa letter. In the UK this is called a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Study). You cannot apply for a UK Tier 4 study visa without a CAS. We will then start the visa application process and assist with preparing the online visa form. After it has been submitted, the visa takes around 15 days to process so it is important that the student makes his visa application in good time.
Health Insurance is mandatory for all students before leaving Oman and we will ensure that you have the necessary cover.
The options for University (campus) accommodation will be sent you. After you have selected your preference, we will book the accommodation on your behalf. We regret that we are unable to book private accommodation for students but we can guide you to useful websites and information.
Depending upon your requirement, we can advise the nearest international airport and make a flight booking on your behalf.
After you get your visa you are free to travel and we will give you a pre-departure briefing. We will remind you about all the documents that you need to carry along with you for immigration and for registration on the first day. We will also explain to you the remaining visa formalities to be carried out when you reach your study destination.
If you require an airport transfer, we will liaise with your University and book a private taxi to collect you from the Arrivals hall of the airport.