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Career guidance

They say if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life!

Not all of us are lucky enough to be working in jobs that we really enjoy but if you want to be happy and satisfied in your professional life then it is essential to choose the right career.
School leavers in particular are unsure of what they want in life and often they settle for anything that comes their way. Getting into the wrong job wastes your time and energy and it is a source of frustration. This is why a career plan, based on interests and competence, will help you focus on your job expectations. Common mistakes when selecting a career:
  • Relying on advice from others
  • Following in someone else’s footsteps
  • Ignoring who you are and what satisfies you
  • Not looking beyond the popular jobs list
  • Not considering the location or difficult shift timings
  • Not looking beyond the popular jobs list
  • Ignoring the future and where the job is likely to lead
  • Not talking to those who know, professionals in your chosen field
  • Going for the money

Career Guidance

Career Assesment

By setting a career path, you identify professional goals and develop a strategy for getting where you want to be. To do this you must make an honest self-evaluation of your talents, abilities and interests.
At Al Ahlam, we offer Career Assessment to help you identify your personal strengths, weaknesses, interests and abilities.

Measuring your interests helps you expand your possible job options. It gives you reliable and scientific information rather than relying on personal observations.

The assessment will help you to explore various careers, assist you in making a decision and it opens your eyes to options you may never have considered. You will have a better understanding of your personality and what makes you tick, as a person.

Career Guidance


  • This assessment works well for high school students who need to make study decisions based on career options.
  • By arrangement with school authorities, we can administer the assessment classwide (tenth grade/ eleventh grade/ twelfth grade).
  • It is beneficial for students considering all types and levels of study – academic, vocational or technical.
  • The assessment can be used to identify vocational options for those who are struggling with academic programmes.
  • It is also suitable for adults considering a career change, or for older adults to find areas of interest after retirement. It can also be implemented in the HR function for employee screening or hiring.

Career Guidance


Arriving at a decision about your educational and career path needs careful thought, we can help simplify this process for you! We highly recommend that you do a Career Assessment.
Career Assessment will help you understand and know yourself better:
  • Focus in on your interests
  • Identify your strengths
  • List your skills
  • Analyze your personality
  • Assess your abilities
  • Recognize your challenges

Then look at your career options!
Career Assessment takes only 45 minutes but the results can have an impact that will last a life time!
Consult with professionals who can provide relevant, meaningful, and useful feedback to assist with future planning.

Career Guidance

What are the Steps?


You (and your parents) will be interviewed by our Educational Psychologist for your educational background and history.


You do the computer-based assessment. It takes about 45 minutes to complete and can be done at our office or elsewhere, by arrangement.


Get your results and report in 24 hours. You will meet again with our Education Psychologist to discuss the report findings and explore the possibilities. Further information and resources you might need will also be handed to you in this meeting.

For more information and to arrange an assessment